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Entertainment Industries Innovation Center
The University of Isfahan started its serious investment in the field of computer games in 2013 and started to hold continuous classes and courses on game development training with the help of successful people in the game industry. On the other hand, the specialized computer games center of the University of Isfahan was launched in 2016 with the support of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, which prioritized strengthening the infrastructures for education and entrepreneurship in this field by organizing the training courses and also providing the establishment space, as well as specialized amenities and equipment for New game-maker teams, that became an "Innovation Center for Entertainment Industries" by developing activities and the renewed support of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, whose task is defined as developing an ecosystem for the entertainment industry in Isfahan and neighboring provinces.
This center is currently a unique pole for education, research, and entrepreneurship in the field of game development in Iran, and its laboratories have a brilliant research history and equipment that are rare or unique in the country.

Duties and goals:
This center has focused its activities on three areas:
A. Developing educational infrastructures
Holding dozens of game-making workshops and training courses at different levels on various aspects of this industry-art-media, such as technical, art, psychological, sociological, medical, economic, etc., and holding five game-making summer camps.
B. Developing research infrastructures
Holding the country's only international article-based comprehensive conference in the field of computer games for seven consecutive years (from 2015 to 2021) as well as setting up the leading laboratory of serious entertainments in Iran, which has more than 50 products in the field of serious objective-based games (therapy, education, making culture, etc.), which is an important trend in interdisciplinary research, are two of the most important research activities of this center.
C. Developing entrepreneurial infrastructures
Dozens of events and challenges have been organized by the center since its inception, with the aim of developing networking among those who are interested in game-making, which has resulted in the formation of dozens of teams and individuals specializing in this field who are currently known at the national and international levels.

Everything needed for developing the games has been prepared in the Entertainment Industries Innovation Center of the University of Isfahan:
• Active and dynamic shared workspace
• Board games laboratory
• Motion recording laboratory
• Virtual/mixed/augmented reality lab
• Animation production studio
• Sound and music studio
• Training classes
• The space for providing sports-movement games services for children
• Computer-equipped site
• Conference room
• Restrooms
• The café

Personnel (including first and last names, duties, and contact numbers):
Nasibeh Sarami, 37932127 – 09137500407

Regulatory guides and instructions:
Regulatory guides of the entertainment industries innovation center (approved by the entertainment board)

Forms (only in word format):
Sub-sections (if any) include:
A. Duties
B. Services
C. Personnel (including first and last names, duties, and contact numbers):

Councils and commissions (if any) include:
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