Friday, December 1, 2023


International and Scientific Cooperation Office of the University, following its long-term goals of improving the quantity and quality of international academic communications, has had information exchanges with different countries and international research centers. In an attempt to make a better use of the University facilities and capacities for fulfilling the needs of the governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as those of the society, the office has signed many MOUs with various universities all over the world.
The office has signed MUOs pursuing the following major goals:

· Promoting and expanding international agreements between the University and other universities

· Preparing the ground for general activities and research projects

· creating educational workshops and delivering scientific lectures

· Developing mutual interests between the University and other educational institutions

· Admitting undergraduategraduate and PhD students

· Exchanging faculty members and scholars between this University and other educational institutions

· Encouraging and supporting technical activities and projects between the University and other educational institutions

· Providing a research platform for educational and scientific researches

· Providing a platform for meeting researchers


Isfahan University
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